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Eurovoxx live at the red carpet with Czech Republic, Belgium and Albania

The sunny weather, great atmosphere in Kyiv and the longest red carpet in the history of Eurovision continued as our team managed to chat with some of the artists of this year’s contest. Let’s continue going through some more of the interviews out team got during the Red Carpet Event on the 7th of May. Next up we have 3 beautiful female contestants. (and don’t forget to check out the videos ;))

Martina Bárta - representing Czech Republic with the song My Turn

Martina’s friendly and genuine smile charmed us as we had our chat. She told us that she likes the host city because it’s very different compared to the cities of the Eurovision pre-parties. Even if she wishes she had some more time to explore more of the city she enjoys what she has seen so far.

We all wish Martina the best of luck on stage!

Blanche – representing Belgium with the song Citylights

In her beautiful, sparkly dress Blanche looked like a princess! She really took our breaths away as she walked down that carpet. She tells us that she’s happy with her both rehearsals and how everything is looking so far. On Tuesday she really wants to make it to the final and feel comfortable on stage without stressing.

She hopes our viewers and readers like her staging and will enjoy her performance and will vote for Belgium this year. As she waves the camera goodbye we see her sparkly gloves, matching her dress perfectly. Eurovoxx wishes her loads of luck on her journey!

Lindita – representing Albania with the song World

Lindita looks like she belongs on that red carpet! Her dress is peach colored with loads of sparkles, and her hair is beautifully waved. She says she’s happy to be here and it shows. Happy and ready to nail her performance, joking she just did 200 push-ups to prepare herself. There’ll be some minour changes in on Tuesday but we’ll have to wait and see what it is.

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