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Eurovoxx live at the red carpet with Croatia, Denmark and Finland

It's that time of year again, when all the visitors congragate on the red carpet to see this years stars of Eurovision. It has become somewhat a Eurovision tradition that the Sunday before the Grand Final, the fans and press get to see their favourites walk down that famous red carpet. It's not the oscars, but it is Eurovisions equivelant and has gathered quite a following, with many thousands being there and watching live online. Sometimes its the first glimpse of the artists that the fans will have had chance to see. Eurovoxx were fortunate to be there live, and managed to get some pressing questions to the artists. Sit back and enjoy the interviews. We certainly did:

Croatia with Jacjues Houdek and the song, "My Friend"

Another artist that Eurovoxx was very fortunate to catch up with was Croatia's Jacques Houdek. You cannot expect anything more from this lovely man, all dressed in black declaring that "I won't run away", has certainly become our friend. Very witty, and charming he says he couldn't run away as he is not in the best shape. With a fist pump wearing a black glove, lovely Jacques when told us that his performances were amazing, and went down well with fans, he stated, "I was praying for that every night....I am aware my song is a bit out there, different, but celebrate diversity". He acknowledged the tough times for Ukraine, and felt he was very honoured to be singing there. On his song, he says it's a message of love, friendship and tolerance, "It's a song that should remind us to live each day fully". Very humble he added he was never in the music business for the money and, "is in the music for the good and the bad like a marriage". He mentioned his success and luck in Croatia with 13 albums, and written lots of songs, but believes "My friend" is the best and is honoured to perform it for Eurovision, as it is the best and biggest stage. He cries at the messages of support, it all means a lot to him. He explains how the song was supposed to be a duet at first, but when he recorded the vocals, his producer said to sing it himself, and it works. Eurovoxx love Jacques a very, charming and humble man, and will cheering him on during the semi finals. Check the interview here:

Denmark with Anja Nilssen and the song, " Where I Am"

This was the interview we had been hoping, and looking forward to getting. We were so lucky to speak to Anja Nilssen about her song, and experiences. This time, we didn't nearly kill her (see Eurovoxx interviews). A massive suprise is that she wasn't wearing "that red dress" which is what she has become synonymous with. Instead she walked down the red carpet, in a simple but elegant white dress. Eurovoxx loved talking to this beautiful lady. She was very humble and told Eurovoxx that we didn't need to apologise for London, and being interviewed outside a building site, "it was quite fun" she exclaimed. Of the rehearsals she said it had been incredible, and that everyone had been so nice, but believes, "everyone is saying that because it's true". Asked about her outfit, she asked us which would we prefer, and of course it had to be the red one, just because Andy said so, she would wear it. Eurovoxx does have some clout!!! She spent 3 hours in the city, with a tour guide, and recommended that everyone go and see it. She was impressed how it managed to rebuild itself so many times. The people and resilience are very warm and welcoming. She would also love to have 3 days to go to the pool and do some shopping. As we are all aware she is Australian, and has had a lot of support from the Australian media, and "is in love with Denmark and Australia". She says she has been on a journey to celebrate her diversity, she belongs to both Denmark and Australia, "both are my home". With this we wish her all the best in her semi final, and hopes that she will wear that red dress. Check the interview out here:

Finland with Norma John and the song, "Blackbird"

We believe at Eurovoxx that Finland will suprise on the night, and be the dark horse of the competition. We have loved their rehearsals, and were so lucky that we got to speak to them on the red carpet. He was dressed smart in a black suit, and she in a pretty white and purple top, made quite the cute pairing. When asked they said they "loved", and "it is a long red carpet". They were pleased when they were told they were going up in the betting odds, and said "it makes us feel we are doing something right". They were hesitant though saying that during the live performances it can go either way, "you never know". As they wrote the song it has special meaning, "it's from personal experience... at the time of writing it there wasn't a dramatic going on in our lives....we do all the songs together". When asked what they wanted to do in their free time, and if they would be partying, they were sad they didn't have much time and would love to see Kyiv more if they had more days. They are really focussed on doing a good job on Tuesday. At Eurovoxx we believe they will qualify, and be busy up until Saturday. We wish them all the best, and hope they qualify. Check the interview out here:

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