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Eurovoxx live at Red Carpet with Belarus, Austria and Azerbaijan

It's that time of year again, when all the visitors congragate on the red carpet to see this years stars of Eurovision. It has become somewhat a Eurovision tradition that the Sunday before the Grand Final, the fans and press get to see their favourites walk down that famous red carpet. It's not the oscars, but it is Eurovisions equivelant and has gathered quite a following, with many thousands being there and watching live online. Sometimes its the first glimpse of the artists that the fans will have had chance to see. Eurovoxx were fortunate to be there live, and managed to get some pressing questions to the artists. Sit back and enjoy the interviews. We certainly did:

Belarus with Naviband and the song "Historyja Majho Zyccia"

The Belarus artists were one of the first that Eurovoxx came across. All dressed in red, and black they certainly stood out. They were just as fun and up-tempo as their Eurovision entry. Naviband loved Andy's rendition of "hey, hey, hey" and were very keen to join in, and wave their flags. "They looked stunning". When asked about their performance Naviband were very happy. They were spreading the love, they loved their performance, press, and "bring a very happy vibe to Eurovision this year". They feel they maybe stand out because there are lots of ballads in this years competition, and their message was "Be Happy". A very happy song, performance and band Eurovoxx wishes them the very best in the semi finals. Check the interview out here:

Austira with Nathan Trent and the song, "Running on Air"

Eurovoxx were also very honoured to interview the Eurovision sweetheart that is Nathan Trent. Dressed in a very trendy black suit he looked well placed on the red carpet. He seemed so pleased to talk to us, as if we were old friends. He personifies Eurovision and the friendly nature of it. When asked Nathan had expressed how he really like being in Kyiv, and that his rehearsals were going good, but there "are some changes here and there, and some insecurities, but it is the rehearsals so it's fine". He was very smiley and exclaimed, "he was enjoying every second". When asked, he said he was overwhelmed with the reaction to his rehearsals, and he, "didn't expect a reaction like that". He seemed so happy that people understood the visuals of the moon, and thought it was good that, "the visuals fit the message of the song". Of kyiv, he said that the food and people were amazing, however he found it difficult to get out and about due to his schedule. Eurovoxx will certainly be supporting Nathan, and wish him the very best. Check out the interview here:

Azerbaijan with Dihaj and the song, "Skeletons"

Eurovoxx were able to interview Diahj from Azerbaijan next. She really stood out on the red carpet, with bright purple lipstick and a silver outfit. She gave a very sultry look, which us guys at Eurovoxx love. Interviewed by her biggest fan Tural she told him that she was pretty well. When asked about the concept of the staging for her performance she said, "the chalk board on the stage means my inner world, and the horse on the ladder is the bad guy". It's about a huge emotional distance between them, and the end of the song, when she gets out of the box represents her getting out of a destructive relationship. This girl owns it, "He wants to be with me, but i don't want it any more". We are sure Dihaj will continue Azerbaijan's 100% success rate at qualifying at the contest and wish her good luck. Check out the interview here:

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