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The Big 5 draw their halves!

Today the Big 5 of the Eurovision Song Contest, France, German, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, all drew their respective halves for the grand final after completing their second round of rehearsals. The host nation, Ukraine, drew their position in the second half of the grand final in spot 22 back during the Heads of Delegation meeting back in March. Instead of having a separate pot for the automatic qualifiers, like last year, the organisers decided to have the finalists draw from the same pot as the semi finalists removing the guarantee of a balance of automatic qualifiers in each half.

Each participant from the big 5 was asked to draw in which half they would perform on the 13th of May during their press conference. All of the participants, except Italy's Francesco Gabbani, drew the second half meaning the allocation of halves for the Big 5 and the host country is as follows

1st Half

Italy - Francesco Gabbani - "Occidentali's Karma"

2nd Half

France - Alma - "Requiem"

Germany - Levina - "Perfect Life"

Spain - Manel Navarro - "Do It For Your Lover"

United Kingdom - Lucie Jones - "Never Give Up On You"

Ukraine - O.Torvalrd - "Time"

Do you think that performing in the first half will have an effect on Italy's chances? Let us know below and be sure to follow our social media sites as well as our Eurovision journey here on the website!

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