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Eurovoxx Interviews Levina of Germany

Today, Eurovoxx were lucky enough to get an interview with the German representative Levina at the press centre just after her second rehearsal. Interviewed by Andy and Tural she was a pleasure to chat too . Wearing a white dress, and cream jacket she was all smiles, very pleasant, and was more than willing to answer our questions. check out the interview here:

When we asked Levina about her rehearsals and performances she was very happy, and exclaimed that, "it is going in the right direction", and she is "excited". However, as the final creeps ever closer the nerves are getting more, as the rehearsals will soon turn to the live performance in front of over 200 million viewers.

Eurovoxx loves her outfit for the final, and the backdrop, and when asked about her influence on this, she stated that she worked a lot with her team, and had a stage director there who also gave ideas. More importantly "it was a lot of working with me (Levina) and finding out what i can imagine to do on the stage.... I have to be comfortable with". Amusingly she stated that the outfit was from a designer who she had known previously, and as Andy stated, they "had to dust it off" (referring to the outfit that she had liked from the designer before).

Levina is happy with the rehearsals and says that there will only be small tweaks, and maybe a few changes with camera angles, and the pyrotechnics. Although, she feels the song, and the performance is "quite there". With the staging, they wanted something different that suited Levina's look, and didn't want anything to bright, which is what people were expecting.

Andy then makes a reference to the title "Perfect Life" and whether Levina was? Elegantly she said she was but that perfect moment in the life can change from one situation to the next. She feels very happy at the moment. She is so excited for the performance, and feels it is a brilliant opportunity for each artist to be on the stage. Levina loves the fact it is a great way of meeting different artists from different cultures, and backgrounds of music. She is looking forward to participating for Germany at the final.

Currently Germany have odds on at 300/1 to win the contest. At Eurovision Germany have been the country that has participated the most with 60 appearances, and has won the contest on two occasions, Nicole in 1982 with the song "Ein bisschen Frieden", and more recently in 2010 with Lena and the song "Satellite". We at Eurovoxx would like to wish Levina the very best of luck, and hope she scores well.

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