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Celebrate Diversity

Only a few weeks left until the grand music festival. After the victory of Jamala's strong song and voice, we are going to celebrate the diversity in Kyiv, Ukraine. But besides EuroClub, EuroVillage, and Eurovision shows what awaits music lovers in Ukraine?

Ukraine is an amazing place with its beautiful culture and history. As a tourist there, be ready for a great cultural BOOM! Delicious gastronomy, such as, Ukrainian borscht (beetroot soup) and varenyky (dumplings) are some traditional musts to try.

Of course, I will bring you much more info, videos and pictures from Ukraine, once I arrive, so you can get a feeling for how they celebrate this amazing music festival in Ukraine. If you are lucky enough to be celebrating in Kyiv, there will be plenty of events throughout the Eurovision week for you to enjoy. Here are two events which I think are going to be amazing!

On 12th of May, there will be two amazing and unforgettable shows. While the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 will amaze fans with her concert in Sport Palace, the other surprise is coming from Eduard Romanyuta, Moldovan entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2015, who originally was born in Ukraine. Eduard Romanyuta organizes a Grand Euro Party in 'Olmeca Plage' - one of the largest entertainment complexes of Kyiv. And guess what? Besides Eurovision participant from previous years, there will be also 3 winners of the Eurovision Song Contest. Are you fan of Bojana (2015) and her amazing 'Beauty Never Lies', or Nina Sublatti's (2015) 'Warrior', or maybe you wanna sing and dance Poli's (2016) 'If love was a crime'? Or do you wanna meet the ones who made it in Eurovision, such as Dana International - the first transsexual who won (1998), or Eldar Gasimov (2011) - the first winner for Azerbaijan, as well as Emmelie de Forest (2013) - the Danish winner from 2013.

Oh, but it is not all... Surprise, surprise... There are also two famous singers from Romania. Thought, they were never participant of the Eurovision Song Contest, but both of them are very well-known worldwide. They are Morandi (Save me) and Alexandra Stan (Mr. Saxobeat).

It is up to you where you want to be, but one thing is for sure, both concerts are starting at 20.00 on 12 May, 2017. Which one to go? Amazing Jamala or Grand Euro Party by great performers from different countries... You can discuss in the comments!

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