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#GERMANY - LEVINA: My song makes people want to dance and its message is very special to me.

Photo by: Walter Glöckle

Back in February, German broadcaster, ARD, organised the national final "Unser Song 2017" so as to select their entry for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. After a long audition process, in which almost 2500 applications were submitted, five artists were selected to advance to the live shows which were held in the city of Cologne. Eventually, after numerous rounds of voting, Levina was announced as the winner of the show with the song "Perfect Life" after the public had chosen between her renditions of the aforementioned song as well as "Wildfire". Levina has been all over Europe visiting various countries and pre-parties promoting her song and luckily we were able to chat with her a little bit about her song and eurovision journey so far.

Hi Levina, thank you so much for taking from time from your busy schedule to answer a few questions we had about your Eurovision experience so far. Firstly could you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and how you became a singer?

At the age of 6 I already sang and invented some songs about butterflies and animals in the garden. But then when I was 9 years old, I actually started my musical education, which was a classical education at first, and I started that because I was in the school choir and the choir leader suggested to my parents to send me to singing lessons, because there could be something there. I always played my piano when I am writing songs, so it’s the instruments I love to compose with. Never stopped doing music since then.

Could you tell us how you decided or were chosen to take part in Germany’s national selection – was there something that motivated you maybe?

I think Eurovision is a wonderful event as it brings different cultures together to celebrate music, so I am super happy to be able to take part in it! I applied to the German selection because a friend sent me the link to apply, and I thought – great - let's try it :)

How did it feel when you were announced as the winner of Unser Song 2017, but still had to ‘compete’ against yourself over Wildfire and Perfect Life?

First of all, I did not realise it and I thought „ Oh my god, that is really happening! I am really selected with my two songs!” I was super happy. I just could not believe it. Also, I was really overwhelmed by the reaction of the audience. It was absolutely fantastic! After a few weeks it has sunken in now – and I’m still very happy about it!

What message does your song “Perfect Life” carry and does it have a personal connection to yourself too?

My song makes people want to dance and additionally its message is very special to me: The song talks about a perfect life, that is not actually perfect at first. We all experience negative situations and make mistakes, but this shouldn't push us away from your path, but make us stronger. Sometimes the unexpected situations and the little mistakes, are exactly the ones that make it a perfect life for us. 'Perfect Life' is a positive and motivating song, and I hope I can deliver this message to everyone who listens to it :)

Photo by: Walter Glöckle

Could you perhaps give us an insight into your staging? Who is designing the staging, will you be alone on stage, who are your backing vocalists – if you have any?

I want to do a performance that I can be proud of and that I’ll love to watch even after the Eurovision Song Contest. We will have a great staging: Simple, but at the same time cool and extraordinary. You’ll have to wait and see it for yourself. ;)

A few weeks ago you took part in Artsvik’s “Celebrate Diversity” challenge by singing an Armenian folk song, what does this year’s slogan mean for you and how do you celebrate diversity?

Diversity means a lot to me. All my friends come from all over Europe and the world, so I really celebrate it every day :) The Eurovision Song Contest gives me the opportunity to celebrate diversity through music with the other participants!

What is your earliest memory of Eurovision and how did you first hear about the contest? Do you perhaps have any favourite songs from past editions of the contest?

I thought the performance of “Wadde hadde dudde da” by Stefan Raab was extremely funny. I recently watched it again and it made me laugh so bad – in a positive way. It was such a good, positive song! The other countries must have possibly thought: What is he doing there? Other than that I have to say Lena Meyer-Landrut with “Satellite”, because I watched her performance back then in a pub in London with some friends and I had betted on her to win. I also liked how simple Conchita was standing in her dress on stage when she performed “Rise Like A Phoenix”. Out of the older performances I like ABBA with “Waterloo” best.

Thank you so much once again Levina for answering our questions – we all wish you the best of luck in May. Do you perhaps have a message for all your fans and our readers?

Thank you for supporting Eurovision. Without you guys the contest wouldn't be what it is today and I couldn't make this amazing experience! Thanks so much, enjoy the music and see you in Kiev!

Take a listen to the official video of Levina's "Perfect Life" and have a look through Levina's photoshoot courtesy of photographer Walter Glöckle

Photoshoot by Walter Glöckle

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