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Today both Lithuania and Australia OGAE have released their votes, making them the 15th and 16th national teams to do so. Each year the OGAE international members vote to see if they can predict the outcome of the Eurovision. They also vote to show Europe who they think is the best. These are the votes from OGAE Lithuania: 1 Point to Sweden 2 Points to Portugal 3 Points to Hungary 4 Points to Finland 5 Points to Denmark 6 Points to Belgium 7 Points to Bulgaria 8 Points to Latvia 10 Points to Norway 12 Points to Italy What is not suprising is that Italy top the pole again claiming the top set of points. Norway get their first ten points, followed by Latvia who get the eight points, this being their first votes in the OGAE polls. Sweden and Belgium take a knock back and score lower than usual. Australia OGAE also voted and here are the votes of their members: 1 Point to Azerbaijan 2 Points to Finland 3 Points to Portugal 4 Points to Denmark 5 Points to France 6 Points to F.Y.R. Macedonia 7 points to Belgium 8 Points to Sweden 10 Points to Estonia 12 Points to Italy Italy seem unstoppable claiming the top spot again. This being their thirteenth 'douze point'. Estonia score highly with the ten points. Followed by another of the fan favourites Sweden with eight points. This has not changed the top 5 and they are as follows: 1) Italy with 181 Points 2) Belgium with 136 Points 3) Sweden with 111 Points 4) France 92 Points 5) Estonia with 87 Points Can Italy be caught? Will these votes reflect the final in May. Stay tuned to Eurovoxx to find out when more of the results come in.  

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