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Today sees the thirteenth OGAE club to post their votes from their national team. Each year the OGAE international members vote to see if they can predict the outcome of the Eurovision, and show Europe who are their favourites. Today the Netherlands have released their votes. Here are the results of the dutch OGAE: 1 Point to Austria 2 Points to F.Y.R. Macedonia 3 Points to Portugal 4 Points to Finland 5 Points to Bulgaria 6 Points to Sweden 7 Points to France 8 Points to Estonia 10 Points to Belgium 12 Points to Italy Italy get the maximum 'douze point' , which is now their tenth in total. No suprises that Belgium score highly again and get awarded yet another ten points. The Netherlands have scored Estonia their third favourite with eight points. There are currently no changes with the top 5, and they are as follows: 1) Italy with 145 Points 2) Belgium with 113 Points 3) Sweden with 94 Points 4) France with 81 Points 5) Estonia with 72 Points Another vote in, and no changes to the overall leaderboard again. Will these votes play out again during Eurovisions grand final? Stay tuned to EuroVoxx to find out.

#ogae #Netherlands

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