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Today's second lot of OGAE votes have been published. This time the fourteenth set of votes come from Spain. Each year OGAE international members vote to see if they can predict the outcome of Eurovision, and show who are their favourites. These are the votes from OGAE Spain:

1 Point to Bulgaria

2 Points to Ireland

3 Points to Israel

4 Points to F.Y.R. Macedonia

5 Points to Estonia

6 Points to France

7 Points to Portugal

8 Points to Sweden

10 Points to Belgium

12 Points to Italy

What is becoming predictable now is that Spain is bucking the trend. Italy get the maximum 'douze point', followed by Belgium with ten points, closely followed by Sweden with eight. Ireland pick up their first set of marks with 2 points. The current top 5 remain the same, and are as follows:

1) Italy with 157 Points

2) Belgium with 123 Points

3) Sweden with 102 Points

4) France with 87 Points

5) Estonia with 77 Points

Will any more OGAE members publish their votes today, and change things? Stay tuned to Eurovoxx to find out.

#ogae #spain

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