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The votes of the OGAE juries are now starting to come in thick and fast. Armenia are the twelfth club to post their votes from their national team. Each year the OGAE international members vote to see if they can predict the outcome of the Eurovision, and let Europe know who are their favourites. These are the votes from Armenia OGAE: 1 Point to Georgia 2 Points to Norway 3 Points to Cyprus 4 Points to Azerbaijan 5 Points to Bulgaria 6 Points to Portugal 7 Points to Italy 8 Points to Sweden 10 Points to Belgium 12 Points to France France's Alma with the song "Requiem" scores them their first twelve points. Followed by Belgium with ten points, consistently scoring high. Closely followed by Sweden's Robin Bengtsson with the song "I Can't Go On" scoring the eight points. Italy score their lowest set of scores with 7 points, Georgia get their first vote, and France receiving the twelve points have pushed them up to 4th place. The current top 5 are as follows: 1) Italy with 133 Points 2) Belgium with 103 Points 3) Sweden with 88 Points 4) France with 74 Points 5) Estonia with 64 Points With the results of the OGAE votes now coming in on a daily basis. Will the top 5 change? Can Italy be caught? Stay tuned to Eurovoxx to find out.

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