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Slovakia are the eleventh club to cast their votes from their national team. Each year the OGAE International members vote to see if they can predict the outcome of the Eurovision, and show who are their favourites. These are the votes from OGAE Slovakia:

1 Point to Estonia

2 Points to F.Y.R. Macedonia

3 Points to Portugal

4 Points to Armenia

5 Points to Norway

6 Points to Finland

7 Points to Sweden

8 Points to Belgium

10 Points to Bulgaria

12 Points to Italy

Italy's Francesco Gabbani with the song 'Occidentali's Karma' gets the maximum "douze point", which is his ninth in total. Followed by Bulgaria's Kristian Kostov with the song 'Beautiful Mess' gets the ten points. Closely followed by Belgium's Blanche with 'City Lights' getting the eight points. Norway too, pick up their first set of votes scoring 5. The current top 5 remains unchanged, and are as follows:

1) Italy with 126 Points

2) Belgium with 93 Points

3) Sweden with 80 Points

4) Estonia with 64 Points

5) France with 62 Points

With only a few weeks until the Eurovision semi finals, and final it is still all to play for. Stay tuned to Eurovoxx for the next set of OGAE votes. Finally on behalf of everyone at the Eurovoxx team, we would like to wish you all a happy and peaceful Easter.


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