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Croatia are the tenth OGAE club to publish their votes from their national members. Each year the various OGAE international clubs vote to see if they can predict the outcome of the Eurovision, and show their preference to songs. These are the votes from Croatia OGAE:

1 point to Australia

2 points to Iceland

3 points to Israel

4 points to F.Y.R. Macedonia

5 points to Finland

6 points to France

7 points to Sweden

8 points to Estonia

10 points to Belgium

12 Points to Italy

Franseco Gabbani with the song Occidentali's Karma for Italy again get the maximum 'douze point', which so far is their eighth in total. Closely followed by Blanche's 'City Lights' for Belgium with 10 points, and then Estonia's Koit Toome and Laura with the song 'Verona' get the 8 points. Iceland too, pick up their first set of marks.

The current top 5 are:

1) Italy 114 points

2) Belgium 85 points

3) Sweden 73 points

4) Estonia 63 points

5) France 62 points

With the Eurovision postcards being filmed, promotions and parties well under way. How will the next OGAE poll change the table? Stay tuned to Eurovoxx to find out.


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