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In 30 days time the worlds most famous, and longest running musical television show, The Eurovision Song Contest final will be broadcast live. Over two hundred million people are expected to watch and listen to this spectacular event, via the medium of television, internet and radio. Both viewers along with home grown national juries will decide which will be Europe's best?

After a culmination of national finals, and internal selections over the past several months, a joint record high of 43 nations will compete to be crowned the winner of the 'Concours Eurovision de la chanson'. Concerts and shows have already taken place in London, Tel Aviv and Amsterdam. These along with a gruelling schedule of television appearances will give fans an insight into how they may perform on the night, but also gauge fans reactions to these songs.

With only 30 days until the grand final, we at Eurovoxx will look at the current favourites, trends and see if there are any front runners that are vying for the Eurovision crown.

As any fan of Eurovision will know, OGAE has become just as well known as the contest itself. Many look to these international polls every year to give an insight into what Europe and the fans are liking. It has become fairly succesful in picking songs that have made the top 10. Not always chosing the winner correctly, these OGAE clubs have become good at predicting which countries appear on the left hand side of the scoreboard. Although only a handful of votes have been given so far, the top 3 do make an interesting read.

1) Italy 90 points

2) Belgium 65 points

3) Sweden 59 points

Italy in this poll alone seem to be charging away with the lead, gaining most 10 and 12 points from the OGAE voters. Belgium too is doing well, along with Sweden whom are no strangers to scoring high with OGAE and Eurovision itself. These might change as more results are given, but Italy are taking a commanding lead.

Youtube too is another useful tool highlighting what is the most popular in regards to what people are really liking. Last year Australia, Ukraine and Russia were the most watched videos. Come the final these songs placed in the top 3. The current top 3 at the moment are:

1) Italy 87 million views

2) Hungary 9 million

3) Sweden 4 million

(All these are a combination of the multiple videos and views on youtube)

Again Italy and sweden seem to be performing well on youtube, and may reflect the final voting during the Eurovision final. Spotify also seem to be bucking the same trend. Spain are in third position with over 2 million streams. Way ahead in second place is Italy with over 9 million. At number one is Sweden who have just tipped over 10 million streams. What is interesting to note here is that over the past several weeks both Sweden and Italy have swapped positions in regards to the most streamed song. Will this be the same next week?

What is noticable is that both Italy and Sweden seem to be the favourites going into the final. However, if you are wanting to place a bet , and put money down, these are the current bookies favourites according to odds checker:

1) Italy 13/10

2) Bulgaria 6/1

3) Sweden 9/1

Performances in the semi finals, and reactions by the public will change the odds after the semi finals. Everything at the moment seems to be pointing between an Italian or Swedish win.

Each country still has time to polish and tweak their performance before they make their final impact on the Eurovision stage. It has happened many times before that a complete outsider has won, and the favourites not performed so well. In 30 days time we will know how accurate these polls are. Do you agree with them? Tell us who you think will win below?

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