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San Marino? More like San Valentina! This girl is on fire and , believe it or not, she is back for the 4th time since 2012. I am sure you are all aware of her holding the 2 best results to date for San Marino. Let's take a look at Valentina's Eurovision journey.

1) "The Social Network Song" (2012)

Back in 2012, our girl Val was internally selected to sing ''Facebook Uh Oh Oh" that later had to be changed to " The Social Network Song" due to copyrights infringement. The song itself was not really her thing as she is one hell of a jazz singer, but she was very professional and still managed to score 14th place in her semi with 31 points which was the best result for her country at that time.

2) "Crisalide (Vola)" (2013)

At the time, it was a big surprise that she came back just a year after, but when the song was revealed, it was clear that San Marino was standing great in the betting odds to qualify. "Crisalide" was also very popular among fans, but at the end she came so close to qualifying for the final. Again, she set the new heights for her county by finished 11th with 47 points. Valentina also finished in high 2ndplace out of 39 entries in Ogae Song Contest that year. The only song that beat her was "Only teardrops". Many people still regret that this masterpiece did not make it to final, but thank you Valentina for sharing this song with us. We are still listening to it and you did us proud!

3) "Maybe" (2014)

Third time's a charm and that goes for a reason guys! She finally did it with this song and that was the only time San Marino was actually in the final. We were over the moon to see our girl doing her thing and captivating the viewers with her sentimental entry. Overall, she came 24th with 14 points in the grand final but the goal was reached and history was made. Mi piace! :)

4) "Spirit of the Night" (2017)

Did anyone really see this coming a month ago? For the 4th time in last 6 years, Valentina will represent San Marino! This time she is not alone, as she is singing with Jimmy Wilson from USA. They are bringing us disco flaming sound in a year full of ballads and that just might work for them. Valentina is looking better than ever! With so much experience in her hands, it seems like a lot is going her way...


Do you think we'll be seeing their spirits in the final this year? Which one of these 4 songs is the best for you? Cast your vote in the poll!

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