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They are talented, they are beautiful and they came across a long way to get to Eurovision stage. But do you recognize some of this year's performers in their youngster/teen pics? How big of a change they went through? Let's take a look! We will tell you the answers at the end of the article.

1) This one should not be that hard? Cute, blondie, loves animals :)

2) Well, this should be a no brainer. There are 3 of them and they are?

3) Did this little guy change much or not? He looks like he is looking for support from his parents in the crowd :)

And now some teen pics...

4) He is missing his beard, but you know that his name is __________.

5) This girl is all about strong will and empowerment. Her transformation is so inspiring!

6) Such a different style for this guy in comparison to nowadays. Was he as attractive as he is today?

7) Back to 90s... Who is this? It seems like he found his way after all...

Try to guess in the comments who is who but in case you can't check the answers bellow!


keduoH seuqsaJ .7 nosstgneB niboR .6 imilaH atidniL .5 larboS rodavlaS .4 ecarberiF haiasI .3 en3gO .2 nessiN ajnA .1

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