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Dutch company Unbranded to build Eurovision 2017 stage.


On 27th of February, Dutch company Unbranded confirmed they would make Wieder's stage idea for Kyiv 2017 come alive.

The company is building stage for the second time in Eurovision Song Contest. They have also built the stage in Vienna 2015, which was not the easiest one to build.


Ola Melzig, production director of the show stated:

"The competition this year will be much bigger than last year's, in Stockholm. This arena is larger, there is wonderful acoustics, more space and possibilities. This year we'll use twice as much electricity than we used last year. The weight of the construction we lift into the air is 140 tons, which is 40 tons more than the total weight of last year's construction. In addition, there will be 1800 lighting devices. On April 20, the stage, cameras and lighting will function in full power."

According to his words, we are sure everyone in Kyiv will have a blast! And it should be one of the greatest Eurovision Song Contests ever.


Unbranded will send 15 to 20 people to build the stage in Kyiv. Twenty trucks will deliver material to Ukraine in the coming weeks. Which is 60 trucks less than in 2015 Vienna. The director of the company, Gaston Van De Poel said that this is a result of the stage being less complicated this time, owing to delays in the organisation.

The work on the stage has already begun as you can see in the slideshow down below:

The company stated that the transport of the materials will need more effort than two year ago in Vienna. The trucks have to drive outside of the European Union, which might result in issues at customs and border control.


What do you think about the Eurovision 2017 stage? Do you like the design? Do you think there will be any problems with the stage? Tell us what you think in the comments down below and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel, where you can find loads of interesting Eurovision content.

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