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Listen to Sanja Vučić's new single "Genesis"!

We all remember this very energetic girl from Serbia - Sanja Vučić! Well, guess what? She has recently published a new song in cooperation with META and this is a club banger!

Many of fans thought that her ESC entry "Goodbye" did not let her shine as much as she could and that it restricted her energy in many ways. Well, you have to listen to this song as it's wild and energetic to say the least.

After finishing in 18th place in the Grand final of ESC 2016, Sanja remained a member of group ZAA and did concerts around Balkans. They are preparing a new album, their fourth one actually.

She also did stuff of her own and appeared in many music TV/radio shows as a guest...

Take a listen to this new song called Genesis an what Sanja had to say about her latest work! Don't forget to tell us in the comments if you feel this song more or you prefer Goodbye. To listen to the full song visit:

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