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After months of waiting, the Bulgarian broadcaster finally revealed the artist and the song for this year's contest in Ukraine. Kristian Kostov will join the Eurovision family.


This year, BNT opted again for an internal selection. Last year they came back to the contest after 2 years of break. BNT chose Poli Genova, who previously competed for Bulgaria in 2011 but failed to qualify at that time.

Last year, Poli Genova brought the best result ever to her country, 4th with 307 points.

Today, a young boy will represent them and his name is Kristian Kostov. This artist will be one the youngest artist in this year's edition alongside Blanche. He was born in Russia in 2000 and is a rising star in Bulgaria. His success there, is due to his participation in the 4th edition of X Factor in 2014 where He finished 2nd overall.

The song of Kristian from Bulgaria, has been composed by the very same team behind the successful song of Poli Genova untitled If Love Was A Crime. Will it be a success as well for the entry Beautiful Mess?

The song is a modern ballad with a very good pop instrumental. The voice of Kristian is very soft and powerful for a boy of 17 years old. He can sing and has that mature voice and can bring another top 10 to Bulgaria this year.

The song just came out a few minutes ago on the Eurovision YouTube channel. You can heck the song down below.

Remember that Bulgaria will compete in the Second Semi-Final the 11th of May in Kyiv, Ukraine.

If you want to see more from us, you can also check our YouTube channel. You will find reviews of the entry of this year made by Stina. Don't forget to share and like those videos and see you around for more infos.

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