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After a fierce and intense Andra Chansen, we have 4 more finalists next week in Stockholm! Let's make our way through the duels of the night.

FO&O vs De vet du

The boyband took the victory with their song "Gotta thing about you" and will join the final next week. De vet du took us again on a road trip with a topless dj and everything but it just wasn't enough this time.

Axel Schylström vs Lisa Ajax

Axel Schylström danced on water, brought smoke and dancers but was overshadowed by Lisa Ajax. Her stunning vocals, pretty staging and attitude pulled her to the final.

Boris René vs Dismissed

Dance, great energy and happiness got Boris René the victory of the third duel. The runway by Dismissed was impressive indeed but not enough to win this time.

Anton Hagman vs Loreen

This duel was the biggest surprise of them all. It was supposed to be Loreen all the way but the young singer did his thing and convised the viewers and made his way to the final.


We wanna know what you think about the results of the night and of course; who is your favourite to win Melodifestivalen next week?


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