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It seems that by January each year, the BBC have barely started even thinking of Eurovision, however in a departure from the norm, the UK will be one of the first few countries to choose their entry this year!!

It seems that they are also putting a bit more effort in too, with the Eurovision - You Decide show moving back to BBC2 on a Friday night..and we for one are very happy about that.

So today, the six shortlisted songs were revealed, and in a (not so unusual twist), the list is full of former X Factor participants. A nice surprise is that one of the entries is penned by none other than Emmelie de Forest herself.

The UK song will be chosen by a jury of professionals (including Sophie Ellis Bextor) and a UK televote.

So let us know what you think of this years entries...


''FREEDOM HEARTS'' | Olivia Garcia

At 16 years of age, Wigan-based Olivia is the youngest participant. She made it to the boot-camp stage of the UK version of X Factor last year, and has teamed up with an all-Swedish team of writers with some previous Eurovision form for this power ballad.

But we would love to know what a Freedom Heart is? Perhaps we will find out in Kyiv..


''I WISH I LOVED YOU MORE'' | Holly Brewer

Holly is no stranger to big stages, as she was recently a support act for Jess Glynne in London. Hailing from Milton Keynes, twenty-one year old Holly shows the strength of her vocals in this piece of modern pop.

But will the UK be loving her song more?


''NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU'' | Lucie Jones

The first from the 2009 X Factor camp comes 25 year old Lucie Jones, who made the live shows that year, who lost out in the sing-off that year to none other than Jedward. Since then, Welsh Lucie has kept a relatively low profile in terms of her recording career, but has performed in the West End.

Co-penned by Emmelie de Forest (Eurovison winner 2013) her song is the slowest of the bunch, but may stand out for that exact reason on the night..


''LIGHT UP THE WORLD'' | Danyl Johnson

Danyl was a finalist in X Factor 2009 along with Lucie Jones, and was praised highly for his vocal performances, however ultimately didn't make it to the final 3, being knocked out in the semi-final.

Will Danyl have the opportunity to light up the stage in Kyiv?


''I DON'T WANNA FIGHT'' | Salena Mastroianni

Salena, who participated in X Factor in 2012 gives us the most up-tempo number of the night, which may make her stand out among a majority balled filled line up.

We are sure of one thing, and that is that Salena will be fighting hard (with her powerful vocals) for her ticket to Kyiv..


''WHAT ARE WE MADE OF?'' | Nate Simpson

Along with Olivia, 23 year old Nate is one of the most recent X Factor graduates, having made it to the Judge's Houses stage of the show (Nicole Sherzinger's to be exact..). Nate's strong vocals will definitely put him in good stead with this slow piano-laden ballad.

We already know what he is made of, but does he have what it takes to win Eurovision?


Have the BBC done enough this year to put the prospect of a Top Ten placing back on the cards? Only one way to find out! Eurovision : You Decide is on Friday 27 January 2017 on BBC2.

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