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Could Belarus catapult back into the Top Ten this year? Well Navi Band certainly hope so as they romped to victory last night at the national selection of Belarus with their song ''Historyja Majho Zyccia''

In what was a delightful surprise to many who had given up on the Belarussian selection process due to previous re-votes and re-choices, however Navi Band will be on stage in Kyiv with a totally different style that we have seen them send before.

Their song is akin to something that would not sound out of place on an album by modern British country act 'The Shires', the song is a win for those who have long criticised the free language rule, as the rumour is that they will not change the song into English by the time they take to the stage in May...and we for one are extremely happy about that!!

So we love it...but what do you think? Can Belarus finally go all the way? Let us know...

#Belarus #NaviBand

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